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The unexplored heaven of Uttarakhand, Mukteshwar is a small town at an altitude of approximately 2287 metres above sea level, atop the kumaon hills in Nainital district. for beautiful views of the potent himalayas, taste of the pahadi aloo (potato) grown on terrace gardens, a wreck from the chaos and noise of town lifestyles, you should make a trip to this magical land. we’ll provide you with three motives to place Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand for your travel listing:

Demon king


Legend has it that lord shiva killed a demon king right here and granted him salvation. that’s how Mukteshwar got its name. Mukteshwar temple, located on pinnacle of the Chauli ki jali hills, is 350 years vintage and believed to be the location where the pandavas asked lord shiva for salvation.you don’t need to be religiously inclined to comprehend the serenity and beauty of this vicinity. it offers fantastic perspectives of the kumaon himalayas peaks just like the Chaukhamba, nanda devi and additionally the potent peaks of adi nampha of Nepal.

The city is a paradise for hikers and hiking lovers. in case you an adventure junkie, you’ll enjoy the rock climbing and rappelling options. also, anyone who has study jim corbett’s well-known novel ‘the man eaters of kumaon’, could be interested to recognise that mukteshwar changed into his muse.

Looking for a resort in Mukteshwar is reasonably easy. there are masses of lodging alternatives – from budget motels to mid-range and comfort hotels in this part of Uttarakhand.

Best time to visit

Thanks to the indian Veterinary Research Institute, which possesses maximum of the land and deep forests that surround Mukteshwar, you’ll be in accurate company right here. from rhesus monkeys and langurs to deer and the himalayan black bear, not to overlook, the chirpy mountain birds, a stay at mukteshwar promises a unique rendezvous with nature. fancy a few bird looking and wildlife recognizing?

The weather in Mukteshwar is quality throughout the year. in summers (march to may) the temperature ranges from 27°c to 10ºc, at the same time as in winters (October-February) it’s typically between 17°c to 3°c with the possibility of snowfall. the monsoons (July-September) paint the hill station with gorgeous sun shades of green. but, do be aware that heavy rains and snowy winters can once in a while result in traffic blocks and flight delays.

Special Fruits

Whilst in Mukeshwar, do visit Ramgarh. barely 26 km away, it’s a hill station placed at an altitude of 1789 metres above the ocean level on Bhowali-Mukteshwar avenue. popularly called ‘the fruit bowl of Kumaon’ – courtesy its verdant orchards of peach, apricots, pears and apples – Ramgarh is a real revelation for maximum city oldsters.

The erstwhile cantonment of the english military still houses the heritage systems that once housed the british and indian officers. the Ramgarh bungalows – that is, the vintage bungalow and the writers’ bungalow – are a ought to-visit. there are also well-known ashrams of rabindranath tagore and social employee narain swami. by the way, this is the area wherein mahadevi varma, the legendary hindi poet, got the inspiration to pen down lachma, one among her maximum celebrated works. do drop in at the library devoted to the famous poet.

There’s no dearth of precise lodges and hotels in Ramgarh, making it a possible stay option.




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